Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Some more artwork

Nothing stitchy to show just yet, (although I really must get on with some!), but here are some more of the art and design pieces I've done for my C&G work. Hope you like them at least a little bit. :) Paper-based art isn't my forté, (mostly as I don't do enough of it to develop any real level of skill), but I quite enjoy it anyway, which is the main thing.

This first one is a pastel painting of the centre of a flower which I did to be part of my colour resolved design work investigating tones and tints. This was the tints one - pale colours with 'white added'.

This one, obviously, is a collage of the Taj Mahal using fancy and metallic papers and card. The idea from here was to reproduce it with manipuated fabric techniques (part of the 'Texture' module) in trapunto. This was the one I tried to do using silk paints, but where the silver and clear guttas let me down to a mortifying degree and, after wasting a couple of hours on painstaking tracing of the outline - twice! - I had to throw the whole disaster into the bin in despair as the silk paint leaked through every single line of gutta! It didn't do that with the gold of the same brand, but the silver and clear, with their huge applicator openings that forced me to apply it with a paintbrush, were hopeless. I was, if you'll excuse the pun, gutted!

This last one is a piece of art nouveau jewelry which was to be reproduced in beads covering a large-ish button (just about an inch in diameter). It's drawn in pastel pencil, which I seem to do a lot better with than regular pencils of any type or colour and, I must say, I'd rather like a pendant like this!!

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Doris said...

i like the flower (pastel color).