Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Still alive!

And even still stitching from time to time, but those times are a little rare at the moment.=( Here's the band sampler finally made up into a bell-pull, so I have been doing something I can show off.

The hardanger is still in progress and I hope I can get it done before we go! Only 2 more weeks and we move out of our home, then we fly out 2 days later. LOTS to do and I'll be amazed (and delighted) if I actually get all I need to do done in time, given that we're away the last weekend and have what seems like copious farewell dinners etc to go to. So much sewing etc to do as well as packing up.

Managed to sell rather a lot on E-bay and got shut of more or less everything I listed on there, except the stitching mags. I only listed a dozen or so to test the water, but it was stone cold, so I dropped that whole idea. The last 5 listings end tomorrow night (including the pattern for the band sampler, if you want to have a go at it!) and that will, hopefully, be it for my and E-bay sales for now. I've made about £300, which is great, considering that DH thought I might make £50 if I was lucky, and have cleared out all the threads I know I'll never use as well as several other stitching things and about half of my make-up. It's amazed me what people are willing to buy and how much, in some cases, they're willing to pay for it! I sold 2 Victoria Sampler designs with their relevant accessory packs and one went for about £15!

We've begun to pack some things up already and should be starting to move the boxes into the storage room at the weekend. Some local friends are borrowing certain things and I did a good bit of giving away this evening as well. Next up is sorting through the clothes into 3 piles: Take with me, save for later and give to charity. Ooof! Is it any wonder I've had no time to post or stitch? What does amaze me is that, during this last silent month, I've gained about half a dozen new followers!!

Other than the above, we've got our visas sorted now and have been offered one place to live with the option of another as well, so we won't be homeless when we get over there. Friends here are housing us for the last 2 days before we go, helping us with last minute linens and taking us to the airport as well. Banks are all sorted for international use and accounts being closed left, right and centre here. It's all happening, is very late at night and I should be in bed!


Nic said...

That's a lovely piece.

And good luck in your new life I hope to read more about your adventures when you are safely settled!

Doris said...

beautiful finish, i like it.
Few days left for your trip, i hope the flight will be quiet, smooth, and in Taiwan everything be in order.I hope all be a beautiful experience.

Susan/CqLily said...

I have not written before but I wish you well and that you will be safe and blessed.

Wanda said...

The bell pull is very nice. I can't believe you actually find any time at all to put needle to material! But...I understand the need for it, even if it is for just a few minutes! I'm so glad that things are all falling into place for your big move. Well, actually, it isn't really "falling into place"..you guys have put lots of time and effort into this so that things work out the way they should. You seem to be very calm...I'd be flipping out about now, so close to "the day"!!! You WILL be posting from Taiwan as well once things get settled, right?