Saturday, 13 February 2010

A bit stumped

No, not with stumpwork, but with the goldwork. First though, thanks to Carol-Anne for the idea on getting the crease out - sounds like a plan!

I'm not at all sure how to re-plan the design beyond the outline. I'd like to have some filled in areas as the original does, but, as you can see from the photo above, gold is not just one colour! The gold kid leather is really a very different shade from the regular goldwork threads' shade and there are Kreinik and Anchor threads to both match and fill in any gaps! The piece of gold kid leather I have is very much a green-ish gold whilst the rest of the goldwork threads are getting towards the orange shade, (with the copper threads showing up the real red gold). The Japan threads in the middle are a great yellow gold and then there are greenish and white-ish shades on the right of the photo. So, I need colours that co-ordinate well and, as I want to use copper for the 'back elevation', I really need to be looking at the orange-gold selection, saving one of the whiter shades for the strings. I just don't know enough about goldwork to plan ahead with confidence and have no good references with me. So, I'm still far from ready to set off with this one!=(

I've done a bit more on the little mouse though - put in his tail and the flora around him, part of it for the second time.

My blog hits have really gone up over the last couple of months, so many thanks to all visitors and those who have been kind enough to list me as 'worth a visit' on their blogs and other sites recently. I need to live up to that, don't I??=)LOL! Well, I've just been visiting the blogs of several ladies who list 'stumpwork' and/or 'goldwork' on their Blogger profiles in the hope of finding some new eye candy, but I find that there's a world of difference between being interested in something and actually blogging about it!! Can't really complain as there are any number of interests on my profile list that I don't blog about much, if at all!


Jules said...

You're doing briliantly - and your fame is spreading!:)
I think there's a dearth of stumpwork on the net, I'm always following possible leads and then geting thwarted! Haven't even found a book about historical stumpwork pieces, and it's hard enough to get pics. I do recommend a trip to Somerset to visit
Montactute and Lytes Cary (as my last post) when you finally get back to the UK. Some wonderful examples at both properties, even my other half was impressed!

BTW: Will e-mail you with low down re OCA timetables etc.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Wow, I love those gold threads - beautiful :)

Wanda said...

Of all people, I just KNOW you'll solve the goldwork situation you find yourself in. I love gold work and yes, I've actually tried it! But I got stuck and, sadly, the girl who sold the kit to me was NOT available via email to help me as she advertised. Your little mouse is very cute!

Miriam said...

Your goldwork picture is not visible at the moment ( I think that Blogger is causing that problem), but I like your mouse.

BTW Do you really speak/read Dutch? "op nederlands" is not really Dutch, it should be : "in het Nederlands"

Met vriendelijke groet, Miriam