Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hardanger stitchery complete

Finally got the hardanger stitching done on the needlecase. All I need to do now is get some doctors' flannel type cloth (which I rather stupidly didn't bring with me, considering I knew I was going to stitch this and have brought all the stuff I (thought I) needed for several other pieces), and I hope to find something that will answer on Friday at the Yongle market, which is the place that sells all the fabrics etc. I'm planning on going there with an English friend I first met in Dublin, but have caught up with again here, of all places!!

Made a boo-boo with the lower part of the cross stitch in that the most southerly blackberry and leaf were stitched one hole too far north, an occupational hazard with evenweave fabrics! Anyway, I've done most of the first mouse and the plant life is un-picked and ready to be re-stitched, when I finally get back on with this one.

I also got some tracing paper at last, thanks to DH's electronic dictionary helping me find the Chinese for it, and am now more or less equipped to get on with the other projects I mentioned before - the Brazilian roses and the goldwork viola.

I got through Burney's 'The Wanderer' in record time (good book, that, give it a try some time, if you don't mind 18th century lingo and nearly 900 pages to wade through), and am now out of novels. Well, I would be had my English chum here not given me hers the other day!! She also assures me there are English books in the local libraries, so I plan on calling in and registering with the local branch pretty soon, if not faster.


Wanda said...

Oh wow...the hardanger is awesome. Really great.

Nic said...

Your needlebook is really pretty!

I'm happy to send you a novel or two, let me know if you'd like the list of ones I'm trying to pass on (I'm a member of Bookcrossing, I always have books around!)

Rachel Cotterill said...

Beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful hardanger!! I love your thread colors, gorgeous. Please be sure to post pics when you have your needlebook all put together!

Ann Flowers

Elizabeth Braun said...

Margaret kindly posted the following:

If you email me your postal address I'm happy to send you some doctors flannel for your needlebook.

I removed the original post and have re-posted it in part as I didn't want the e-mail address to be open to spammers. I've had some nasty pawn spam comments of late....=(

Von said...

Love the colors of thread in your hardanger needlebook!

Mermaid's Purse said...

Hi Elizabeth. Thankyou for visiting my blog. Love the thread colours - Ithink choice of thread makes all the difference.

From what I've read on your blog, you like to perfect what you do - I was very much like that with my stitching and found C&G a bit rushed (quantity rather than quality springs to mind in some areas) - old habits die hard (smile) thus easy to get a bit behind. As I mentioned on my blog, I don't have my *own" space hence the house gets taken over by a project very quickly and it does prevent creativity at times when things have to be dug out from their various hiding places!!