Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Field mice cross stitching finished

Yay! I've finally finished the cross stitching on this piece. Next up is the half-stitched background colour (a paler green), and then I make a start on all the back stitch top-stitching of which there is quite an amount. Still, it'll bring the piece to life, even though it's very cute already, don't you think?=) I hope to have the background done over the weekend and get the back stitching done over the following week or so.

I did a tiny bit on the goldwork yesterday in that I took out the offending piece of copper Jap thread on the left hand side and cit another piece ready to 'fit'. I'm afraid it will 'fray' again, but I'll just have to keep on re-doing it until I'm happy with it, then I'll move on to the f-holes in gold Jap.

I'm not sure if many of you know about it yet, but there's a new ning stitching community that was started just last December called Stitchaholics. It caters for all forms of stitchery, but is more chatty than Stitching Fingers (which I enjoy as a more serious forum for needlearts), and the creator, Caroline from London, is looking to expand the community in the future. It's a 'by invitation only' group, so if you'd like to join in, please leave me a comment with your e-mail addy if your comments don't normally send it (ie if you have no e-mail addy available on your public profile here), and I'll send you an invitation.

The weather has gone mad here again recently and, although it was in the early 30sC at the weekend, it's now in single figures again - but, set to start to rise back to late 20sC+ from Friday. Then, of course, back down to about 12C middle of next week! As soon as the cold and rain started, so did my cough, and I took a day off school to rest today. We've been back a week and my new term enthusiasm is flagging somewhat already!!


Tracey said...

Beautiful work Elisabeth!! It has been a while since I've checked your blog- I need to follow it!

Pierrette =^..^= said...


I was having a look around at all your projects and you have done some lovely work, not that I had not known that, but you tend to forget what others have done after a while.

I was reading about that new group and would like to receive an invitation, if possible.

Pierrette =^..^=

Olga said...

very pretty cross-stitch! Nice job!

Pallas said...

I am inspired by your output, been cross stitching for 2 months..was inspired by a friend...right now, I'm doing very basic patterns first

baby steps much

Ruth O'Leary said...

I'd love an invitation, please. Would one to both groups be possible?

Thanks for your top tip about the gold thread, by the way - I think that's going to work very well indeed!

gallery 802 said...

It is so much this stitching art......keep it up this great work and grow day by day..hour and hour

Kitchen Sinks said...

It is so much this painting.....and only just with it up

Emily said...

Your Field Mice piece is adorable! After having lost the link to your blog.... due to numerous occasions of pc problems.... found one of your comments at my blog and here I am!

Farah Kalaiselvan said...

Love your Field Mice.
My email address is Please send me an invite to Stitchaholics.