Monday, 26 July 2010

Last stop before Japan

Just a quick post to show off my latest finish - the hardanger doily! I completed the edging whilst enjoying a TV mini series and it was all quick work from there. Well, all except the weaving, which I always find long winded and which I regret not dumping in favour of plain old wrapped bars, as I usually do. Here it is anyway and I hope you like it!

I'll be taking the narrowboat cross stitch to Japan with me even though I really should get the goldwork done out of the way before working more on this one. It's not a project I feel will travel well, so the cross stitch is better. I rarely get much stitching done when travelling, so I don't expect to make great strides with this one either.

The field mice has been about half finished up into a cushion/pillow cover. I've done the front (which was 4 sections) and now just need to get another piece of fabric for the back and put it all together. I've decided against the piece I bought a few weeks ago and just need a nice cream piece now. See what I can find in Japan??

Saturday, 10 July 2010

A finish - gasp!

Yup, I finally got something finished up - the hardanger needlecase. A couple of weeks ago I got some green fabric to use as a backing for the actual stitching and also found the cotton doctor's flannel that I'd cut and brought with me specially. Here's the finished results.



Centre with the green backing showing and the cotton doctor's flannel 'pages':

I've also done a few more lengths of thread on the current hardanger piece and got about half way through the buttonhole edging. I think I'm more getting the hang of it now, but it's still a bit uneven in parts. I'll get there and no-one but me will notice anyway. Sigh! The curse of perfectionism!!!

Next up is to get the 'field mice' finished up into a nice cushion/pillow cover. I've got the first few pieces of fabric cut and pressed and should have that started over the rest of the weekend.