Sunday, 10 April 2011

I stitched this week!

Yes! Really, I did! I've barely touched my embroideries since early/mid February, but I actually got on with the narrowboat this week and am enjoying it. I suppose if I was enjoying the others, I might get one with them too!! Still, enjoyable or not, finished they must be and so I've set myself the goal of completing the water violets and fish one within the next fortnight.

After that's done, I'll move on to getting on with the goldwork viola and have hatched a plan for moving that one forward as well. I might enjoy it better when I see progress - it was constantly fluffing one small bit and thus getting nowhere that got me annoyed with it and led to neglecting it in the first place. Once I get the WIPs done, then I can see what I want to do in future and can see myself doing more counted work for a while, but I'll take it as it comes. It's supposed to be a hobby, so when it feels like a chore, it's time to re-assess what place an activity should have in one's life. We shall see.

I don't believe in UFOs - UnFinished Objects - so I insist upon completing what I've started. There are two other thing that rather need the same treatment hanging around awaiting completion - an easy tiny cat cross stitch and a City & Guilds sample that got neglected as it was a bit long-winded. Yes, I will complete them both. I love the sense of achievement that comes from a finish - even one I haven't really enjoyed (but still feel proud of later), and also from having cleared the decks and my conscience). I know others work differently and feel differently about it, but this is how I work best and what I know I'm going to do.=) No need for 'don't do what you don't want to' comments as I DO want to, and I shall, whether or not someone else would. =)LOL! I remember one lady commenting that she'd never finished a project in her life! I am quite happily at the absolute opposite end of the scale and intend to never fail to finish a project.=)

So, that's the stitching gospel according to Lizzy Dripping (as I was rather absurdly called as a child sometimes!!). I don't mind not doing a craft or hobby for a while, or even giving one up completely, but I will not tolerate half completed things hanging around. Just ain't in my nature.

Anyway, off the soapbox and onto the current WIP:

So, it's coming along quite nicely and I seem to have finally finished about four of the colours and approx half of the main stitching. The sky is supposed to be fully cross stitched, but I'm considering just doing half stitch in one strand for it, or perhaps even cross stitch in one strand. I like the contrasting sense of depth that gives.

Hope to have some freestyle to share next week as well as more on this one!=)

I've set up a Goals 2011/2 page over on Fluffy Little Idiot, which includes all my current WIPs and a number of other things. I really find these lists helpful and motivating. I just adore crossing tasks off a 'to do' list, it gives me a real buzz, so a good, long goal list like this one is just what I need to really get productive.=) If you think it might work for you too (I know it doesn't for everyone), then why not try and set one up? You can pick any timescale you like, i.e. this year, this decade (if you're really a long-term planner) and some have picked stuff they want to achieve by a certain age - 'Before I'm 30' is popular among active young bloggers. Having a dedicated page on a blog is a real help to me too as I not only feel I'm achieving stuff, but I'm also kinda telling the world how I'm getting along with it and there's a regularly updated (each Sunday) status report for me to check back with too. If you do one, leave me the link. I'd like to see what your goals are and cheer on your progress.


Jules Woolford said...

Well done you!

Carol R said...

Oh gosh, I have the same "problem" (outlook? a more positive word!)--so I am contemplating how to go about finishing a decades-old needlepoint wreath (put aside to finish a PhD, and forgotten until last year). Nothing left to do but the background, which is acres and acres of basket stitch in peach, and is about 1/3 done. Ack.

Love the boat!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

The boat is coming along swimmingly! I love the idea about a goals page - I've been thinking about something similar for my projects. So when I do get around to it (possible goal there!) I'll send you the link.

coral-seas said...

I tend to enjoy the embroidery far more than desire the finished object so I do have some UFOs. I also have some long term WIPs that I have totally lost interest in! I may rediscover them and some renewed interest one day but I think it is unlikely! Isn't it funny (wonderful) how we are all different.

I'm trying to set myself goals and blog monthly progress reports this year to see it that helps me stay focused on the things I want to achieve. So far, I think it is helping.

coral-seas said...

I forgot to say, I'm pleased you did some stitching and the narrow boat is looking good.

Anonymous said...

The idea of half-stitch in single strand for the sky is a good one. The foreground is so strongly coloured and active, it will create a good sense of recession for the distance.

Wendie said...

I like the way you look at your 'on the go' stuff... unfortunately I am forced to believe in U.F.O's as I have so many on the go that they cant all be labelled as W.I.P's! LOL I also have a long 'to-do' list or Un Started Objects... I'm such a dreamer, but this year I HAVE promised myself to finish all the things I have already started and try not to accumulate too many more projects that are destined to become next years WIP's. Perhaps a goals list is just what I need... or some-one to nag me constantly? or a 36 hr day?
and ditto what Rachel said... a lighter textured sky would look just right on your narrowboat project :o)

Anonymous said...

The narrowboat is coming along well - I agree, I think the sky would look great with just a half stitch :) Love your philosophy about not ever not finishing anything - I need a bit of that myself, as I'm becoming the queen of UFO's :P

Angela said...

Your narrowboat is looking lovely. I wish I had your discipline, I have UFOs all over the place! :)