Sunday, 17 April 2011

More narrowboat progress and help with the fish

My narrowboat is coming along nicely. As you can see from the latest pic, the boat itself is complete, as are the two darkest shades of blue in the water. So, I've been able to totally finish with a couple more colours (which feels good!!).

I decided that the fish was driving me nuts and that I was just finding it too hard, so I set out to find another suitable motif that I could put there instead. However, the only thing I could find was another little fish that didn't really fit and would probably be very little easier. What I did find though, was this piece in "Helen M Stevens' Embroidered Animals" book, which breaks down the process and helps to get it in the right order etc. Slightly contradictory in a way as, when I did the 'Ornamental Pool' design from the "Gardens" books, the instructions certainly took one through stitching the fish body before the outer trimmmings. Anyway, I'll give it a try this way and hope to get to it today, at least a little.

I've been listed quite a bit recently, which has been nice. Craft Gossip's Needlecraft blog included a link to my recent intro to stumpwork and ribbon embroidery, my stumpwork bee posting (from late 2009!) made it to a needlewrok resources blog in Turkish and someone posted a link on a French language forum here for stumpwork. So, lots of new-comers have been around of late and there are still more following those links and calling in. It's a good incentive to get on and complete WIPs, then move on to other interesting new projects!!

For those who are at all interested in our travels, the Far East and so on, I've just uploaded the final photo collection from Japan to Brauns on Tour. I'm also just about to start sorting out the Korea photos, the last things from Taiwan and then our stay in Germany and the couple of UK places we've been to since getting back, namely Durham and Edinburgh. Posts will be scheduled to appear every couple of days, if all goes according to plan!! I said IF!!!

Blogger has been having very annoying problems with hard/carriage returns. Absolutely none carry through to the actual post, so I'm having to draw on my (limited) knowledge of HTML in order to get my posts to look decent. =( Either too many lines, or none at all. I also had to manually insert the link to the travel blog. Ack! Hope they get this sorted soon, or is this a ploy to get us all onto using the new editor?


Elmsley Rose said...

Hi Elizabeth,

A friend told me about a blog editor, and I've been telling friends about it ever since.
(No I'm not SPAM, I'm the historical embroiderer Elmsley Rose, who blogs a lot and wants to share knowledge of this useful free tool - I have totally no connections with them)

Windows Live Writer. Free. It's off-line, so you write your entry on your computer. Pictures are WAY faster to load since they are only going from one place in your computer to another. And they end up where you are, not at the top of the page!

The formatting facilities are FAR better - including some picture editing facilities (crop, rotate, re-size), and normal text editing functions. Blogger editor is *totally* caveman compared to it.

The editing page will look the same as the 'page template' that you are using in Blogger.

When you set it up initially, you tell it your blog(s) name(s), and then when you are ready, just hit "Publish" and there it appears in your chosen blog!

The only trouble is that in the latest version, it seems to have lost the ability to add labels/tags to an entry, so you have to edit the entry in Blogger (just on the Dashboard) to add your labels. No idea why they did that - it's a nuisance!

It also archives all of your entries on your computer.

Google for it! And I hope that you like it!

Best of luck sorting out the fishie!

Sheilasembroidery said...

Thought it was just me having problems, good to know I'm not. Nice to see your lovely work.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Don't worry Megan, I know who you are.=)

I get around the less than ideal things with Blogger by editing my photos fully *before* uploading them, then I upload them first of all - in reverse order, then insert the text if I'm doing a long picture post. Recently, I've taken to doing the whole lot after initial photo upload in the HTML editor so that I can do the coding myself and actually get it in.

Anyway, if things do carry on in this silly way (the photo stuff I'm just used to and used to working around), I might consider an external editor. We shall see! Thanks for the idea anyway.=)

Elmsley Rose said...

No wurries :-)

Rachel said...

I am looking forward to seeing progress on the fish - that looks an interesting series of diagrams!