Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Cross Stitching Complete

Wow! This feels like a real milestone - having completed the main stitching on this piece that I began in Taiwan in summer 2010! I can see the end now coming closer and am beginning to even feel a little stitching enthusiasm returning!

I think that part of the embryonic re-beginnings of enjoyment has been that I've decided to shelve the idea of kit making for now. It's still there and I hope to come back to it later on, but I simply don't feel that I'm competent or confident enough to be teaching stumpwork to others as yet. I want to do a lot more in the way of learning and practice first. Maybe that might include a City & Guilds, who knows? There is a Level 1 stumpwork course available on-line, so we'll see. Need money to spare for that too.

In the meantime, I might have a go at selling hand-dyed and hand-painted fabrics and threads, including pieces of painted silks, dyed cottons - both plainweave and evenweave for counted thread work, and maybe even look at dyeing some threads when I get the hang of dyeing at all!! Let me know what you think...

© Elizabeth Braun 2011


Jules Woolford said...

Well done on completing the narrowboat!Go for the thread/fabric idea, you have a great eye for colour, and you have the advantage of actually being an embroidress and understanding the needs of hand stitchers :) especially like the idea of creating something more exciting for evenweave fabrics.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Congratulations on an almost finish! It's looking lovely. The hand dyed fabrics/thread sound like a great idea!

Tracey said...

Beautiful stitching!