Thursday, 22 March 2012

Small steps on the stumpwork bunny

Here's a little update on the stumpwork bunny.  I haven't done a great deal more on him - I've been busy with other things (including making a start on finishing up the dog rose piece and getting the fabric sorted and framed up for the counted piece), but here's what's been happening with him.

First of all was the padding of the body in the following two stages.  As you can see in the first photo, the felt is simply stab stitched into place.  The larger piece is then attached over the top to create a decent height.

The next stage was, following the rules of needle-painting, to outline the farthest element - in this case, the flatwork ear (the other is wired and raised).

The next stage was to shade in that back ear, for which I used three shades of bronzey-brown.  Then I moved on to outlining the whole head and body ready for filling that in.  The body will be stitched as normal just over the padding.  This is where the piece has been left for now.  The gap at the bottom is where the fluffy white tail goes.=)  (I'll be glad to get to that bit....)

I meant to do only 15 minutes on it today before moving on to making a start on the stitching on the 'Sunshine and Flower' design, but it took an hour to finish shading the ear (from where I'd left it the time before) and then do the outlining!  Never let it be said that embroidery is for anyone lacking in patience!

© Elizabeth Braun 2012


Rachel said...

Embroidery may not be for those lacking in patience, but it's good for creating one of those blissful periods of quiet, absorbed concentration!

Caroline B said...

I'm so glad you are showing how to do stumpwork - I gave up when I tried to teach myself from a book. I just wish I had some spare time to have a go myself.

Mandie said...

The bunny is looking good, glad you found some time to work on him.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Nice shading on the ear. I do the same thing, plan on 15 minutes but end up spending an hour or more. It's just so nice and relaxing.

Jules Woolford said...

Looking very good! I like the background fabric, did you dye it?

travel love said...

that's a wonderful blog! :)