Thursday, 21 June 2012

Starting out on the Ring of Roses

I've made a good start on the new hardanger scatter cushion/pillow cover design - my fifth! Here's the status after 2 hours' work.  I managed to get this 99% correct, just got one stitch on the first flower too long.  I considered leaving it, but feared it might show and I would have to do all the flowers 'wrong' to hide it, so I re-did it.

And I'm not sure how many more hours there are here as I didn't look at the clock after the DVD miniseries I was watching finished. I had to re-do one part twice as I managed to miscount the starting place - possibly the worst mistake you can make bar cutting the wrong threads! Got it right in the end though and pressed on forward without the telly distracting me.....

I just love the colours in this one and hope to get both the outer ring of boring, but almost compulsive (you just have to press on and complete them) Kloster blocks done today and make a good start on the outer ring of roses - 8 of them.  I was considering inserting some cutwork areas outside the outer floral parts in the four corners, but I think it will be fine without them after all and, frankly, working out the chart for them would be a pain and it can be hard enough to follow someone else's without having to graph your own as well!=)

Next post should be a good catch up on TAST. I'm up to date with most of the stitch samples, just need to do the last two or three and sort out some photos etc. Oh, and there's a stumpwork ladybird coming up very soon too, so those of you who are here for the stumpwork posts will want to look out for that.  I'm enjoying simpler work at the moment.

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Rachel said...

I sometimes think simpler embroidery is a sort of stitcher' "detox"!

coral-seas said...

Things like Kloster blocks can be boring but I find it very relaxing and yes, almost compulsive.

This is coming along very nicely. The yellow for the roses is very attractive.

JudyC said...