Sunday, 22 July 2012

No photos today, but a couple of other updates

Thanks to all who left comments on the last post showing the almost complete scatter cushion cover.  I've got the right sized zip for it now and just need to get it inserted.

To answer the questions asked in the comments:

No, I didn't design the hardanger embroidery myself, it's from Mary Hickmott's 'Flowers with Hardanger' booklet and I used the 'Ring of Roses' table centre design, but just missed out the outer buttonhole edging (which I hate doing!) and turned the rest of the pattern into a scatter cushion cover instead.

I was also asked about the threads used (linhas = threads), and they were Anchor #5, #8 and a little #12 pearl cottons.  The surface parts are all worked in #5 pearl cotton.

And Faith, hardanger is really very simple, it just looks complex.  When I first saw it, the catalogue said 'only you will know how simple it is' and it's true.  You just need a good, step-by-step set of instructions.

Yes, I should be doing the C&G locally in Sheffield (as long as it goes ahead OK - nothing 100% yet) and, yes, of course I will keep you all posted on what we do!  Would I keep that from you??

I've set some more e-bay auctions going.  There are some cross stitch, hardanger and other counted thread designs going as well as the design, instructions and most of the threads for the goldwork string instrument.  There are also one or two dress patterns, watercolour paints and other bits and bobs.  All should have international visibility.

The last thing is just a small reminder as, following my stumpwork ladybird tutorial, I came across one or two referring sites using my photos:
Please note that ALL photos (and text) here are copyright and may not be used without permission on any other site, including pinboard services.  Prenez note s'il vous plaît, que toutes les photos (et texte) ici sont protégées par copyright et ne peuvent être utilisés sans autorisation sur n'importe quel autre site, y compris les services Pinterest etc.  If you want to use something of mine, you only have to ask and I will very likely give permission (except for pinboard services, pinning to Pinterest already being disallowed as copyright cannot be controlled on those sites).  You can ask in any language - je comprends français - and I will get to you just as soon as I can.  Make sure you include contact details.  More information is available on the Copyright page.  Thanks! Merci!

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Good to know you are making progress!