Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - 10 Oct 2012

Today I have two photos of each WIP to share! Such richness!!!LOL

Firstly, I discovered a better way of getting the colour to be more like the real thing than the camera shows and so you may notice that the photos are not so yellow-green as they have been up to now.  Today's shots are more like the real colour of the materials I'm using - cooler than the older photos where too much blue was removed, but warmer than the original shots which were far too blue.  Here you can see progress as made over two or three sessions work this last week:

Moving onto the Brazilian piece and I've been filling in yet more greenery.  Sorry about the bleached out look in the foreground of this first shot.  Actually, it's not as ill focused as it looks, it's just that the variegated thread goes quite pale at this point and the light reflected off it to quite some degree.

In this second one you can see that I've already begun to add in some of the fine work on the lower left hand side of the piece as well as replacing one dodgy bullion in the top right part of the main rose section.  It used to be baggy and ended up making the rose look triangular, now it's rather too long and sticks up, so I may have to do it yet again.  I might try anchoring it down more first as I'm not anxious to add any more bullions than I need to to my work list!

Putting in this other detail has improved both my mood doing the piece and the look of the whole thing.  The fabric puckering is a problem, but it gets covered with fine stitchery, so I don't need to trouble myself greatly about that.  Light still reflecting quite a lot on the lighter green shade of the main stems.  I'll have to find a way to improve the lighting by the time I'm ready for the final shots at least!

I'm hoping to get a few more areas done by next week as I really want to finish this piece in the next fortnight or so and then move on to completing the old peacock feather.  Clearing two pieces this month and making good progress on a third will feel great!

I was very disappointed to discover the other day that Webshots is closing down!  I have over 300 photos of all my work on there and am now looking for another free photo hosting site that allows for creation and easy viewing of albums and that, unlike Flickr, doesn't restrict you to just 200 photos.  I also don't want to use a service which requires others to sign up for it in order to see my pix.  I also have a Photobucket account, but I'm not keen on how albums work there.  So, if anyone has any ideas and recommendations, I'd be interested!  I'm looking for free hosting with a decent amount of storage and good album functions.

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Queeniepatch said...

Your embroidery is always immaculate and of very pleasing design. I do like your photographs. Unfortunately I can not give you any advice about where to post your photo albums.

Rachel said...

Adding details - the right details! - makes a huge difference, doesn't it. And aren't we all learning so much more about photography than we ever expected!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

They are coming along nicely - I really like the green/violet color combination. It looks as though you are getting the hang of the rayon threads.

tongfengdemao said...

You always do such lovely work and these are no exception. I'm sure one reason it's so consistently good is the picking and redoing. I avoid that as much as possible and would not be bothered by a longish bullion.

Bummer about Webshots. I used it a lot when I first joined... not so much in the past few years.

(Do they really think I can read that blurry # below to post?!?)

tongfengdemao said...

Just checked in at Webshots to see about saving my photos (in case I'd lost any) and apparently they are opening another photo place called Smile. It's also free (for now anyway), so I signed up. We'll see how it works.


Rosalie said...

Can you use Pinterest for your photos?

Regarding your Brazilian embroidery, it's looking very nice. Don't worry about the longer bullions popping up off the fabric. It's actually called "Brazilian DIMENSIONAL Embroidery!" But if you start and end each bullion by tucking them under a previous bullion, it won't be so noticeable.
Also, you wrote about puckering. I use a hoop myself, so don't run into that problem, but I know a lot of non-hoopers, and they just wiggle the fabric this way and that between stitches to get it to lie flat. And, of course, when you launder it - stretch it in a frame to dry - a lot of those puckers will disappear. By the way - you have used a rayon color that doesn't run, but they still recommend laundering in cool or room temp water until any color bleed is gone (mostly reds and the really dark purple).

Hope this helps - more hints and tips and free patterns at the website, too! Don't stop - it's very addictive. And lovely.

Rosalie Wakefield, Millefiori

JudyC said...

的確,有時我也會有相同的問題,照片與實際作品會有些色差,尤其是在光線不足的情況下拍照! 妳的兩個作品都逐漸的,美麗的進行中...真的很美!!! judy

Rachel Cotterill said...

I love that first piece - it makes me think of blackberries :-)

Unfortunately I don't know of any free photo hosting... I pay for premium Flickr so I'd like to know if you find something good!