Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - 24 Oct 2012

Not too much to show off this week, I'm sorry to say.  There are two or three hours work displayed on the sampler here.

It takes such a long time to achieve anything on this one, especially the cross stitched parts as they're so 'bitty' - a couple of stitches here, three in a row there, a single one over here, and so on.  I also discovered that I'd misread one of the symbols whilst stitching the upper part, thus the rose centres ended up being teal blue instead of deep lilac!!  I might replace it, I might not.=)

Oh and Sharon, you may have told me the piece was lovely before, I don't remember exactly, but I haven't the least objection to being told it as many times as you like!!!  Might help with motivation....

Now onto the peacock feather piece.  One or two mentioned last time that they were intrigued as to what I was going to do with it.  Well, I am a bit that way out myself, if I'm truthful!!  The idea is to continue to couch rows of rayon threads so that they end up something like this picture I did from a real feather (I think - it was a few years ago and may even have been from a photo) below:

I haven't done any more of the stitching yet, but I have pressed the fabric, got the necessary threads out and trialled a couple of possible work frames.  If only I had a 9 inch hoop!  Are such things made, do you know?

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Rachel said...

Those cross stitch "garlands" are frustratingly bitty - I've stitched things like it myself and been climbing the walls by the time I've finished!

floozina said...

Hi Elizabeth

If you have been reading Sharon B's blog ( you may have noticed a couple of weeks ago she did a review of a new 'hoop' which may help you with your peacock feather project. The hoop is called 'Grip'n'Stitch', it is square like Q-snaps but has little teeth along the sides to hold the fabric and covers to go over the teeth so you don't get bitten.

If you need more information, you can go to Sharon's site or email me, I'm happy to help if I can.

Rosalie said...

Yes, I saw the note about Sharon's frame, but if you can't get it, look for those 1" wooden stretcher bars (they come in sets of 2, various lengths). I use them all the time. Just staple the sides of your fabric. I launder everything in the finished frame and then take it out - no wrinkles. Plus easy to embroidery the nice taut fabric.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Thanks ladies, but I neither of those ideas are viable for me just now. We're not in a position for me to be spending money on new frames (although I could manage another sized hoop, as they're only £1-2 (US$1.50-3). Sadly, wooden frames are too heavy for me to work with and I don't have the strength needed for the stretching, stapling and all that sort of stuff. We also don't have a suitable stapler, so that would mean more expense!=(

Floozina: I *can't* e-mail you as you have no e-mail address available anywhere I can find and no personal blog!

Wendy said...

I bought 9" and 10" hoops at Hobbycraft, they had some even bigger than that. Have you tried there? They have an online shop too but if they sell them, they'll sell them elsewhere - google it.