Saturday, 14 September 2013

Korean Traditional Costume - Historical Pieces

Today is the turn of some of the historical costumes displayed in the Korean Folk Museum in Seoul, South Korea.  If you're ever in the city, this place is worth of visit a thousand times over.  It's free to go in has many fascinating displays of various aspects of Korean life, mostly from pre-Modern times.  There's so much for any textile fan, but also plenty to interest family members and friends.

One of the main display halls is dedicated to the life cycle, starting with childhood, moving through marriage and even showing traditional funeral customs and artefacts!  Here we'll start with a look at the traditional wedding party.

Did you notice in the photo above, that the groom is wearing an embroidered panel on the front of his hanbok?  The museum holds quite a collection of these and a few of them follow.

Let's now move on to some of the cute little costumes for children.  As you can see, they mirror the adult versions quite closely.

Waving us a farewell is a lady in a relatively simple, everyday hanbok.  These can still be bought in Korea and several of the assistants in museum shops etc were wearing this kind of dress.  Lovely to see such beautiful traditions being kept alive!

Thank you for your visit!  I hope you enjoyed it.=)

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2013


Sparklyjools said...

Absolutely stunning. I really like the elegant style and wonderful colours.

Rachel said...

Lovely to see such colour and texture. A great improvement on denim jeans and everything else black!

Favo de Mel said...

Lindo , amei sua publicação.

Queeniepatch said...

I enjoyed it very much.
Are the wedding costumes handed down from generation to generation? Or are they made for a once in a lifetime event, never to to used again by anyone?

Elizabeth Braun said...

I couldn't tell you, Queenie, I don't know! I expect Korean families will be much like the rest of us - some will have fantastic heirlooms to hand down, but most won't.

Isabelle said...

oohhh these fabrics, these embroideries... they are fabulous ! thanks to share !

Glenis said...

I think my favourite is the one with the filename panel+3+FM but they are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing

zenuwpees said...

Merci de partager avec nous les magnifique foto's bonne soiree Marie-Claire

Caroline B said...

Fascinating to see these beautiful pieces.

My son is off to S.Korea in November - any recommendations of where to go and what to see?

Elizabeth Braun said...

Hi Caroline! I was only in Seoul for 2 days whilst in transit and one day was taken up with friends, so I don't have much experience and I don't know what your son likes to do.

However, a more recent insight into Seoul can be found on Sharon B's travel and art blog at:

Hope that helps!

Caroline B said...

Thanks Elizabeth, will check that out.