Saturday, 7 September 2013

Traditional Korean Costume - The Modern Hanbok

Recently I promised a post or two on traditional Korean costume, the Hanbok, and here's the first, showcasing both some lovely clothes on sale in Seoul, South Korea back in August 2010 and a Korean friend of ours here in the UK.

Of course, many of these first photos have been taken through display glass from the street, so please forgive the 'extras' and, in one of them, you can even see me taking the snap!!

Below are two close-ups taken through the gratings over the display window of a shop that didn't seem to open on Sundays (which was the weekday we were out and about on this street).  Long-time readers may remember these photos, but they don't grow tired for seeing them again, do they?  Wouldn't you just love to walk around in such a work of art?  I suspect these heavily embroidered Hanboks were wedding clothes.

Here is a lovely little Korean friend of ours Jenny who, like Sir and I, met her hubby Rob whilst studying in Taiwan.=)  She very kindly allowed me to take close ups of the embroidery on her wasitband and cuffs so I can share its beauty with you.

Next time I'll feature several of the historical costume pieces on display in the Seoul Korean Folk Museum.  In the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed this brief look at modern Korean traditional dress.

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2013


zenuwpees said...

Oooooooo c'est magnifique toutes les broderies aux robes fantastique bonne soiree Marie-Claire

Wendy said...

how beautiful. I'd love to wear full skirts like that every day! When you say modern traditional Korean dress, do people still wear this everyday, not just for special occasions?

Elizabeth Braun said...

Hi Wendy! No, this sort of costume is mostly for special occasions, (although sometimes people working in tourism etc will wear them).

When I say 'modern', I just mean the traditional dress in the form that people can buy and wear today. Although the basic style remains the same, finer details may change over time, such as fabric, surface decoration and so on. Chinese dress is the same. There are distinct fashions that change over time with Chinese clothes too.

Hope that helps!=)

Rachel said...

How fabulously colourful!