Thursday, 26 September 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday - on Thurs 26 Sept 2013!!

I haven't made huge strides this week and I was too busy yesterday to post an update, but here it is a little late (and still Wednesday somewhere just West of the International Date Line....).

I inserted the french knot lupins, which I can't say I enjoyed.  I don't mind french knots in small doses, but these were a bit of a bore to stitch, so I was glad to get the out of the way.

On these two shots, you can also see that I put in a few of the remaining beads, just leaving the section near the bottom scroll to do after the upper section has had the cutwork done.  Of course, you can't put beads under a snap frame bar, although ordinary stitches don't suffer by it too much.

I also discovered and inserted a few missing 'x's from near the beaded area and, as you can see below, made a start on the 'look through' piece that will be fixed behind the large square box when that's cut out and a few filling elements put in.

So, apart from those last beads, (about 15 mins work), the surface is now complete - HURRAH!

Time to get the trusty old petit point scissors into action.  I'm not nervous of cutting threads as a general rule, although I will feel a little more cautious than I normally do when doing the larger areas.

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2013


Glenis Pickering said...

2-and-a-half Cheers! You're so nearly "there"! And those lupins are awesome (from one who's NEVER mastered the F-K!)

Carol Hopper said...

Looking good. I find french knots really tedious and I always seem to end up in a tangle. Your French Knots looks lovely and even.

Queeniepatch said...

Congratulations! You've come a long way on this one. I agree with Carol Hopper that your French Knots are so neat and even; I am sure you, too, think they were worth the effort
For me, the next step would be really scary; cutting into something so beautiful after all that work. Best of luck!

zenuwpees said...

FELICITATIONc'est tres chic bonne soiree Marie-Claire

Rachel said...

It's coming together nicely, and even if it was a little later than you wanted to post, I'm not at all surprised, with all those french knots!