Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday - 22 Jan 2014

It's Wednesday and time for an  update on my piece of cross stitch cheese, properly known as the yellow underdress skirt on my Tudor Lady piece.

The needle in this first photo is roughly at the level where I was last time so you can see that, although last week it looked like I was almost at the end of this section, there was still as much again to go!  The darker yellow section is now complete though, so this shows the limit of this bit.

On these two shots you can also see where the ornaments the lady is holding in her hands will fit in.

Hopefully, I should finish this bit off later this week, so I should be able to move on to some of the blue of the overdress skirt.  As Wendy rightly said a couple of weeks ago, some of the design is a bit 'pixelly' which is a surprise as it's an advanced design with metallics, beading, petit point, satin stitch and half stitches, so adding in a few quarter and three-quarter fractionals would hardly have put people off.  Anyway, I'll be adding them myself soon to neaten it up.  I do so hate the boxey and over-pixelly look of some otherwise lovely cross stitch designs.=(

This project is part of the Work in Progress Wednesdays 'show and tell' type challenge, run by Sharon B on Pintangle.  I'd be mildly amazed if you've never heard of this blog, but some may not have and might be interested in hopping over there and seeing if they have a piece they can join in with.  WIPW is almost like a weekly Weight Watchers' weigh in for stitchers.  It provides a weekly appointment to share what progress we've made on a stitching project, especially a large or long-neglected one.  This is the fifth project I've worked on for WIPW and it was a great help in completing three of the other four and getting some work done on the fourth, which I may eventually get around to doing some more of, but I don't promise!!  Perhaps I do need one persistent WISP/UFO to humanise me, LOL!!=)

Anyway, so far this piece looks quite ridiculous, (as early stage cross stitches often do), but I hope it'll pad out into something a bit more recognisable within the next month.

This Saturday is the Grow Your Blog Party so, if you're signed up to take part, don't forget to create your posting and get it live before you go to bed on Friday so that when those of us who've volunteered to go around and check for party posts etc visit on Saturday morning, we'll see it!=)

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2014


Rachel said...

Sometimes, rather than working a specific section with a counted piece, I try to work outwards from the centre. It sometimes looks less peculiar because it becomes more like a jigsaw, but it isn't as tidy. How well it works rather depends on the design...

zenuwpees said...

Bel avancement Marie-Claire

Anonymous said...

All the best on your project, Eager to see the finished piece.

liniecat said...

Hi there fellow yorkshire lass!
Im a midlander born of an east yorky mum and a geordie dad.
Ive lived in Hull for some 20 years now (City of Culture 2017 yeahhh)
Im a volunteer scout too and enjoyed reading about you ( both)!
Im going to pop back and browse your pages with more leisure!

Anneliese said...

A great start - you are doing such beautiful work.