Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday - 19 Feb 2014

Time for the Tudor Lady cross stitch picture check in as part of Sharon Boggon's Work in Progress Wednesdays event.  Good to see that my posting about it last week led to another stitcher wanting to take part, so that was nice, wasn't it?=)

As you can see from both pictures, the skirt is coming along nicely.  The first picture was taken the day after my last update and shows the work that I actually did do that evening, despite feeling too tired for it at first.  The second shot shows where I left off last night with the whole of the upper right hand section completed and all four lower stripes in progress.

The aim is to finish the blue parts of the skirt this month, which I doubt will pose a large challenge and the rest of the cotton cross stitch during March.  After that, April should bring the rayon and metallic cross and half stitches to completion, as well as the petit point, leaving the finishing touches (beading, trims and satin stitches on skirt and ornaments) for May.  I have another project planned for then onwards, which should develop the skills I began to learn in the Needlequest...

What's new in your stitching world??

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jackiescrafts said...

Great progress on your lady, have just blogged my project and where I'm p to this week, id love it if you stop by
Thanks for your encouragement to join in
Jackie x

Queeniepatch said...

Good progress! The blue skirt is nicely shaded.

Rachel said...

It's growing well, and it's good that you have some sense of how long it will take. All my pieces are so open-ended...!

Pamela said...

Great progress this week! Your description of what's ahead will keep us coming back to see how she comes along.

zenuwpees said...

Belle avancement Marie-Claire