Monday, 26 May 2014

Needlequest Update - 26 May 2014

I've finished a Needlequest month on time!  Wow!  Last night, in fact, so with six days to go.  Stunned, or what?!

Here is my last small blackwork piece for the challenge this month, a little heart which I'll mount in a card for Sir's anniversary card this next month.  It's actually only tiny, just under two inches each way, but who wants to look at teeny-weeny photos??=)

I've enjoyed relaxing with blackwork this month and will come back to it more later on.  As you might remember from the month's intro post, I have a couple of kits and other designs in reserve, waiting for when I have time to devote to them.  For the next few weeks though, apart from (hopefully) completing the peacock feather piece as my 'Line' sample for Needlequest June and finishing off the Tudor Lady, it's all focus on the wedding ring cushion and completing the April NQ piece as practice.

Back on Wednesday with the progress on the Tudor skirt - filling in many of the gaps etc.

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2014


Wendy said...

It looks great Elizabeth, but have you missed some stitches top right?

Renee said...

This is beautiful!

Rachel said...

The great advantage of close-ups is that you get a decent view of the embroidery!

Pamela said...

Wonderful blackwork heart! I like that you've left the stitching open on the top right, like the light is shining on it.

I've done a little more work on my piece, but it is a long way from completion.

I am already thinking of next month's needlequest!

zenuwpees said...

Blackwork est très beau bonne journée Marie-Claire

Lorene Frischknecht said...

Your design is simply beautiful! I love the gold accents within the black heart! Great work!