Monday, 16 June 2014

Not exactly Needlequest....

...because I'm sorry, but not in the least surprised, to say that I haven't done a stitch on my feather yet!  To be honest, I fully expected not to do any of it, although I did/do intend to try.  Actually, I haven't been able to get to any stitching of late. I have done some related things though.

When Sir got home today, he found this waiting in his room.  This is a piece that I finished almost 9 years ago and is featured WIP in the first extant post on this blog!  (I say 'extant' as the very first post has long since been deleted.)  I finished and posted a photo back in early September 2005.  That post tells me it was WIP for just shy of 2½ years!  (You can also see how awful my blog was in those days....)

That's nothing when you know that it had been waiting to be framed ever since then and was just completed this afternoon!  So, it's nothing to do with the Needlequest (leave any NQ links you have on this post anyway, do!), but it is the completion of a long-term project and one more item to cross off my current goal list.=)

He's already hung it on his room wall (where it screams at the magnolia painted wall.  Sigh!).

The other stitching related thing I've done is to put in an order from Sew and So, which is on its way, will necessitate a thread storage overhaul (planned for tomorrow) and which I'll post about later in the week.=)

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Pamela said...

Beautiful finished cross stitch piece!

I've done a little more on my June kogin bag. It won't be finished in June, but I'm glad I had a reason to start it.

jane :) said...

It's lovely, Elizabeth - and congratulations on finishing!

I have a cats & cat sayings cross stitch piece which I remember working on when I was in hospital just before my son was born.
-He turned 10 in Feb, so I think you've done superbly :D

Rachel said...

Looking at the size of it, I'm not surprised it took a couple of years to complete, and another nine to get around to framing it!