Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday - 25 June 2014

None of my projects seem to be coming along very well at the moment!  First, the good news.  As you can see above, I re-worked the petit point hand on my Tudor Lady piece according to the home-made chart you can see here and am satisfied with the result.  Spending time with such close up detail helped me get a much better shape and understanding of the ins and outs of this element.  I felt the magazine chart left a fair amount to be desired.

Having said that, I do not want to have to re-work the face chart which, so far, seems correct.  That's not to say that I've been stitching it right though and if you look at the two shots below, you'll see how far I got on Monday evening, then how far I had to frog it back on Tuesday afternoon after realising that I had gradually moved several stitches to the left as I worked from top to bottom!  How in the world???

Sorry about the photo quality this time.  I've been taking photos of things in my lap for these small areas and, well, now I know it's not really worth it!

I also frogged the entire of the butterflies pieces from a few weeks ago.  I wasn't at all happy with it.  The edges were all uneven, voided areas were too wide and I was finding the silks too much like hard work to deal with.  I've decided that, except for small areas, I'll be leaving the silks until I've gained more skill and confidence in directional stitching etc.  Also, I still haven't touched the feather.

Here's my desk at the moment, thoroughly cluttered up with stalled and frogged projects!  Well, the ring cushion isn't really stalled, but I can't do much on it just now as my neck is giving me quite some trouble at the moment and so needlework is rather off the menu much of the time, (esp. when one has been cleaning the bathroom and caused oneself a lot of pain....).

In front of the radiator and next to the silks box, you can see the green fabric still in the hoop after the whole piece was pulled out.  Also, on top of the drawers on the left is the still neglected peacock feather piece.  Sigh!

Let's hope there's some forward movement to report on something soon.  I've unearthed my old 'Treat Your Own Neck' book and am going to see if I can get any help from that.  Maybe some of the exercises will help.  Normally when I have some neck trouble, which I'm prone to, a couple of days and one or two exercises sort it, but this time, it means business!

To see how other participants are getting along with their WIPW projects (better than me, it's to be hoped!) and/or to join in, visit Pintangle.

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jackiescrafts said...

Sorry your neck is causing you pain mine troubles me from time to time. I have to agree the hand does look much better since you re worked it and the face was looking great too, what a shame you had to frog it.
I hope you are more comfortable soon

Jackie x

Rachel said...

How frustrating - but the hands do look good, and I'm sure the face will be as good when you finish it!
I've had similar problems, by the way, with petit point on linen, so you aren't alone!

Bits of Stitching! said...

Hopefully you will soon be able to find the much needed relief from your neck pain! / You did beautifully on the re-doing of the hand,... and that mess, it's a beautiful mess :-).

Pamela said...

Your Tudor Lady is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

the hands look very realistic and lovely. you have done a great job of charting it. it is well worth the effort. Sorry about your neck. I do have to consciously keep lifting my neck looking at the sky, when I work on needle work. too sad you had to frog. still it is nice to see the progress on this beautiful work.

Le trame della Galaverna said...

I love your lady.
Beautiful work.
Ciao Giovanna

Anonymous said...

Hope your neck responds to rest and exercise soon so you can get back to what you love.

zenuwpees said...

Belle avance de le broderie bon apres-midi Marie-Claire

Queeniepatch said...

The hands are much improved!