Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday - 6 August 2014

The management are delighted to announce another misnomer of a Work in Progress Wednesday post, because: THE FEATHER IS FINISHED!


The bottom is a little odd, but I decided that nature is rarely that 'even' and, whatever it looked like, it was finished!

I am now officially UFO free.  Not that I ever had many, just this hanging around from my C&G days back in autumn 2008 and a few painted canvas needlepoint kits from childhood (25-30 years old!).  The only thing I have now that's in any way started is the butterflies 'spring' piece that I made a rotten start in silks on back in April, then took all the stitches out.  I plan to work that one this month, but as the actual stitching's unstarted, it can't really be classed as unfinished either.  It's more like having a kit in stock, or a printed design.

Actually, I finished the feather a few days ago and have been busy clearing the sewing decks since - altering 4 pairs of trousers (NEVER again!) and making up the Hanako cushion (look out for her at the weekend....).  I'm wearing one of the pairs of trousers right now, the other three are residing in my recently cleared out wardrobe and Hanako is almost finished, just need to complete the zip insertion, which I'm part-way through, and then sort out the ends of the bottom seem.

So, what am I working on stitch-wise at the moment?  This is as far as I've got with anything:

An R&R frame loaded up with some 28ct black Jobelan!  Inspiring and informative, no?=)

Here it is again with some threads on it.  A floss toss, no less!

In case you're wondering what this little collection is all about, then look no further than the following image, a design from exactly the same cross stitch magazine as the Tudor Lady!

I thought it would make a nice scatter cushion for Sir's room.  Mine won't be precisely the same as some of the sky in the original is unstitched as the piece was designed in delft blue Aida, which is no longer made.  Also, I don't much like working on Aida anymore (except for blackwork, which I'm still in the infancy of) and SewandSo had no suitable blue evenweave available, so I thought, 'Bubbles to blue.  I'll do it on black.'  Also, I've changed some of the shades of blue and will finalise the greens as time goes on.  I'm very sensitive to greens being just so.

So, that's the next WIPW project.

To see what others have been doing this week, click on over to Pintangle and even leave a link of you own of work you've been doing on a large project.  WIPW is a kind of weekly Weight Watchers weigh in for stitchers and is very handy for providing the impetus to get on with a project that may have been dragging for a while, or even a UFO.  I find I have a lot more motivation as I want to post about it each week and have already finished quite a few things that may have otherwise got neglected.  I'll do a WIPW review soon.=)

Yes, Glenis, I could be persuaded to complete one or two of your projects, as long as I like them and I don't have loads of things that I need to get on with, that is.

Right.  Time to get away from my laptop and get Hanako's zip fully done and then, wow! I've nothing more in progress!  Clear decks.


Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2014


Queeniepatch said...

Congratulations on completing the fantastic peacock feather. Well doen!
I think the new cross stitch design is colourful and I am sure you will enjoy working on it.

sharonb said...

Oh I like the feather! I also agree wholeheartedly about altering trousers ...

zenuwpees said...

The fantastic peacock feather is beautiful Marie-Claire

Rachel said...

Congratulations on the feather - a great finish.
You might find you need to use three strands rather than two on your black fabric to make sure that it doesn't "grin through" and in particular, turn the yellows green!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Beautiful work beautiful colors.

Glenis said...

That feather is FAB! Well done.

Wendy said...

yay, well done you Mrs no-WIPs! I love the feather, it should be uneven. What will you finish it into?

jackiescrafts said...

Well done n completing your feather and finishing another WIP. I'm looking forward to seeing your completed Haniko at the weekend and I'm loving the bright colours of your cushion.
Hopefully I will have some WIP to share this next week as I have managed to do a bit of back stitch this last week as OH is back at work
Have a great weekend
Jackie x

Kat said...

Oh my goodness. I aspire to completely clear decks - I'll get there one day!

In admiration and envy…