Sunday, 13 September 2015

Update on the Paradise Island piece

Recently, on my post about completing the butterflies piece, Glenis asked me, 'What next?'  Well, one of the first things I'd like to do is finish the Paradise Island cross stitched picture.  The first shot today is the last photo I posted a couple of months ago, then the second one is with all the water that I plan to do at this stage completed.

This third one shows how far I've got with putting in the trees on the distant shore.  There's just one colour here so far and I'm ready for the next one as I've done as much as I reasonably could of this shade for now.

Other than that, I'm also cross stitching a little card for my hubby as he's now had official notification that he's passed his PhD completely and is now entitled to call himself Doctor!  So, he's now Doc Martin, or Dr Sir!!!  He's trying not to make a big deal of it, but I can see that he's really rather chuffed just the same.=)  Anyway, I'll show the card when it's done as it's only a small design and not really worth doing a WIP series for.

I also went through the drawer which holds my kits and project ideas etc and found this little lot:

This is what's in stock at the mo, (i.e. what's left when I sold off most of the kits etc that I used to have in my stash, but realised I was never going to stitch).  I'm also interested in another Coleshill stumpwork kit and hope to get hold of that one soon.

Having posted those, there's nothing to say I have to do any of these next and I'm also really interested on some more thread painting sort of work, polishing up some skills there.

So, the bottom line is, other than the current WIPs, I really don't know what's next!  Any suggestions?  Ideas?  Requests?  What are you working on or hoping to work next?

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Rachel said...

My husband got his PhD about 25 years ago and still gets the occasional moment when he thinks "Golly, I'm a Doctor!". So Sir has many years of moments of glee ahead of him! Congratulations!

D1-D2 said...

Congrats to the Doc! You have so many interesting projects coming up :o

zenuwpees said...

Felicitation pour votre mari ,belle avancé de la broderie bonne soiree Marie-Claire

JudyC said...


Renee said...

Your progress on your cross stitch is lovely! It is so much fun to see this one come together. Congratulations to your Dr. Sir!