Sunday, 4 October 2015

Graduation card in cross stitch

Just a quickie today to share the cute owl card I made for my hubby who recently passed his PhD and, although he hasn't had his graduation ceremony as yet (January, we think), is now known as Dr Sir (aka Doc Martin!!)  He had his first piece of mail addressed to him as Dr the other day, which made us both chuckle.  It was from the Uni, of course.  He hasn't changed his title anywhere yet.  We're saving that for when we move and can take care of both changes in one go.

Anyway, hope you  like this wise owl (not that either of us is daft enough to believe that higher education gives wisdom!).  Sir took him to work and put him on his desk to show off.  Awww!  Even though his desk is in a corner and no-one really passes it, it was nice to do that anyway. =)

The fabric was stabilised by ironing Bondaweb to the back and then cutting the design out.  I've done that once before, but I think that either this type of fabric doesn't work too well with it - too soft, or I didn't remember how to do it properly.  I need to look at the book I got it from again next time I'm near the central library...

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2015


Glenis Pickering said...

Love the owl!
How long have you had your Bondaweb? I had some and it was less than useless, but I reckon it was > 4 years old by the time I was trying to use it. :-(

Rachel said...

It might have needed a slightly different iron temperature...?

Good to know that Sir likes his card!

crazyQstitcher said...

I like the personal touch with a card. The owl is perfect.
Congratulations to Dr Sir.

zenuwpees said...

La carte est très belle Marie-Claire

Sue said...

I would love the owl pattern/graph. Do you design your own? How do I go about buying some of your designs....Sue