Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Sheffield Horticulture Show 2015

It's already been several weeks since the Sheffield Fayre, but I've been planning all along to give you a treat and show you some of my photos from the Fayre's main attraction - the Sheffield Horticulture Show.

It's a fairly young show, only about 15 years old and is still quite small and relaxed, but there's still plenty worth seeing, so why not take a walk around the tent with me and see for yourself?

Here are some of the floral arrangements and pot plants with the photography and art displays in the background.

Starting with the part that I head straight for and that most readers of this blog will be most interested in, here are the cross stitch entries (above) and the 'Craft - Any Media' ones (below).  The dog picture was made from trimmings from the exhibitor's own dog's hair!

At the back far right of the XS one and the back far left of the craft one, you can see my butterflies as the lone 'One Item of Embroidery' entry.  There was also just the one in the 'Cross Stitch - Own Design' category.

Just as with 'Craft - Any Media', the knitting classes attracted a lot of entries this year.  Last year both of these types of work were poorly supported and there were only one or two entries.  This time there was a good selection to see and some wonderful creativity in the toy and the garment sections.

Interestingly, the embroidery category pulled in seven entries last year, but just one this time and there were no entries at all for 'Hand Sewn Item', so I wonder if these things cycle.  One year the class has lots of entries so some of the competitors think, 'Oh, bother that, I can't win anything.  Won't enter next time!'  At the same time, someone sees a sole item in a class and thinks, 'Hey!  I might stand a chance, so I'll put something in that next year!'  I'm interested to see if embroidery makes a come-back next year, but craft and knitting take a drop in entries.  Watch this space in late August next year...

I just love these entries in the 'Group of Knitted Toy' class.  Both the busy knitting club at the back and the fantastic knitted noughts and crosses game at the front are superb.  I want to try a bit of toy making now too!

The art entries seemed to me to be a lot higher quality in several categories this time around than they had last.  I plan on trying my hand at some pastels in the 'One Sketch - Any Media' class, (as there isn't a pastel painting one) next year.  Wouldn't mind improving my watercolour skills too.

These are children's miniature gardens. =)

I usually enjoy the variety and colours in the group allotment displays (above) and what about these for prize vegetables (below)?

Last, but very definitely not least is the winner of the Best in Show trophy, the multi-talented Josie (who also created the knitted noughts and crosses game amongst other prize winning entries!):

She finds it hard to smile for the camera, but I got this lovely shot of her by Sir making her laugh just as I was about to take the photo.  She's created this amazing polymer clay miniature of the Show for fun and to attract donations to help stage next year's show.  However, the Lord Mayor loved it so much that, even though it wasn't entered as a competitive exhibit, it was awarded Best in Show and I believe is to be on display in the Town Hall!  Josie was rightly delighted!

Here are some close ups of each side and then the needlecrafts section.

Wonderful, isn't it?

Josie also organised a bit of a bric-a-brac stall to raise funds, so whilst there for staging before the Show opened, I promptly handed over the Chinese souvenir that a student had just given me (I have had SO many of these over the years) and, when we got home, put together a whole boxful of ornaments and little things that appeal to folk to donate to the cause.  It both helped us clear out nick-nacks and contributed to keeping the Fayre going and free to enter.  Someone came and bought something whilst I was still setting the items out and most of them were gone by the time I came back to get my pieces just as the Show closed.  A good bit of clearing out, methinks!

So, if you've never been to your local Show, be it a Flower Show or an Agricultural one with a Horticulture and Craft tent, I do recommend you give it a go.  Even better, get a schedule in advance and enter something.  Even if you don't get a prize (which I'll be lucky to do in the Leeds Flower Show in the future, as it's a much, MUCH bigger and more prestigious event), it's such fun joining in and it's inspiring seeing and enjoying others' wonderful work.

I realise that what I'm describing here applies very much to UK events and may not be as relevant even for the local and/or state fairs that take place in the States, Australia and so.  However, why not see what's going on in your area, wherever you are and report back?

PS Although I wasn't expecting comments on what stash you could let go of (or not) just yet, I've had some interesting ones so far and please feel free to keep them coming as I'll be using some of them in Sunday's minimalist stitching kit challenge post.

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2015


Jules Woolford said...

I love local shows, and it's nice to see and read this one is still going strong!

Beth in IL said...

Thanks for the wonderful post. Love looking at all the wonderful entries.

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Beautiful post.

Rachel said...

Josie is certainly nimble-fingered, isn't she! What an astonishing piece!

Pat S. in Lebanon said...

Lovely Fair! I entered several embroidered pieces and several
vegetables in our local Lebanon Valley Fair which is located in
Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA. I was rewarded with a number of ribbons for my efforts. Our Fair is very similar to yours, but
on quite a larger scale with a midway, food booths, carnival rides, music venues, and judging of cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, goats, etc. Also a rodeo, tractor pulls, and a demolition derby.

Glenis Pickering said...

Top marks to Josie, and I'm with the Lord Mayor - it demands to be on-show!

zenuwpees said...

Merci du partage des magnifique foto's bon après-midi Marie-Claire

Pamela said...

Wonderful report on the show! I especially like the miniature show - great details.