Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Harrogate Show and the current 'Paradise Island' status

So, the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show is over for another year and I am very proud to say that I came home with only the above - a part worked 'make and take' from the Rowandean stand and two packs of goldwork thread I needed for one of the Craftsy class projects I've bought recently, (on which more another time).  I ran out of time and needed to get off and catch the first of three buses home, so I wasn't able to complete my sample then and there, but that's the next thing I want to do.  As you can see, I didn't realise a stray bit of fabric thread got caught on the photo too...

I'd been at the Show long enough to visit the Ladies, tidy myself up, down a quick carton of orange juice (I realised that I suffered dehydration at the Show each year and that was spoiling it for me, so I took extra drinks this time) and make my way to the first stand I was interested in, the Golden Hinde one, when a text message came from Glenis, a Nottingham friend, to see if I was there.  Turns out that she was and that we were able to have a natter over lunch and a bit of a walk around together, so that was a lovely surprise.  Later on, whilst I was at work on the above sample, I looked up and realised that Rachel was standing next to me!  So, I had the unexpected pleasure of catching up with two stitchy chums as well as getting some stitching inspiration.  I missed Kathy, who was flying over for the weekend, but I hope she got the message I left for her at the Nicola Jarvis stand. =)  It was nice to see two of her pieces for real, (the other was in the RSN display.)

I need to give myself a bit more time there next time around, or maybe even do as Rachel has done and buy tickets for both Thursday teatime and the full day Friday. It'll be much easier if I'm just coming up from north Leeds (assuming we ever get moved back!) as I'll be able to leave home after 9 and get there for opening at 10, whereas I had to leave home in Sheffield before 8 and didn't get there until 11:30.

Something that made me smile happened when I was chatting with the lady on the Mulberry Silks stall about how I was enjoying using very bright greens in my current cross stitch, but that I really didn't need any more thread as I already owned over 1600.  The lady next to me promptly turned around and said in admiration, 'Oh, well done!'  Here's me wanting to use up and cut down too.=)

On the subject of the bright greens, here's how far I've got on the Paradise Island.  I think I've only had two sessions on it since I last posted an update, but the greenery is slowly filling in.  I'll be done with it one fine day.  Here are both the area I've been stitching on lately and the whole piece so far.

I hope to have the full Rowandean piece to show you soon and, as I  recently bought a pair of compasses (i.e. for drawing circles, usually just called 'a compass', but I had a maths teacher who was very particular about correct naming!) which I needed to get the beading charted up on those mini hardanger pieces I was talking about recently, I should be able to complete some of those too.

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D1-D2 said...

I must say you were much better than I would have been :P

Rachel said...

It was lovely to meet up. We could try to be organised next year, I suppose...?

Jules Woolford said...

Having now been to Ally Pally (at last) sadly, I was not impressed with the organisation at all, and think I'd enjoy Harrogate much more!