Monday, 25 April 2016

Having pregnant friends means.....

lots of baby makes!

While I haven't been blogging much over recent months, I have been doing some needlecrafts of various sorts.  Here are the results of having pregnant friends in my circle and my wanting to use up my knitting yarns and some of the padding stuff I had stashed away.

First of all, another cardigan in my old favourite pattern for a little girl due in June/July:

As you can see, it's finished, but I was over-zealous with the ironing and flattened it out too much. Yesterday, a new crafting friend told me it would plump up somewhat when washed, which I had wondered about too.  Can anyone with good knitting experience advise here, please?

The second baby cardy, for the son of the Franco-Malaysian couple you may remember me making a wedding ring pillow for and who is due late July is almost finished.  I've done a fair bit more on the rib button band than shows here and hope to finish this one off soon.  Not sure I'll stitch anything on to it as it would probably be OTT given the nice diamond pattern.

This one has been an interesting project as I've been using up a yarn that claims to be 4-ply, but certainly isn't.  It's not quite DK either and when I did some tiny knitted up samples to test it against scraps of 4-ply and DK, it measured as mid-way between them.  Seems to be about 6-ply.  So, I'm using a 4-ply pattern at the 0-3 months size, but the 3-6 months lengths along with size 9 and 11 needles and it's working out OK.  I may try to do a pair of matching mittens - even attempt to put the diamond on them, in order to use up more of the 100g ball as I really won't be able to use it alongside other yarns.

Onto the quilting now and I'm also working baby quilts for both of these summer arrivals.

The girl's one is almost done.  I just need to mitre the corners and then slip stitch the backing in place.  I'll probably be saving that final sewing to do when with mum as it's a fairly easy task and I'll be able to carry it around with me.  She enjoys seeing what I'm doing too and has been following along with my knitting. =)

The boy's one is a bit further back and needs the 'X's putting in at the square joins, then the backing trimming and pinning before it gets to the above stage.

I've various fair sized scraps of DK yarn left, so I thought I'd get a 50g ball of white and then make a sort of patchwork cardigan at 6-12 month size for the little girl.  The colours won't suit a boy - pink, lilac, peach etc, but should be good worked in squares with white to break it up a bit and for the edges.  Hopefully that will sort out my odds and ends.  The wadding needed for these two quilts has used up 80% of my supply too, and the also a number of bits of fabric, so that's all great in helping me use up stash.  The only things I've bought for these projects were the flower buttons for the lilac cardy as I don't stock buttons.

Other than that, there are two engaged couples and one or two more who probably will be later on this year, so there are weddings galore to stitch for.  I'm working on a design for the first one and will share that soon.

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Beáta Tüzes said...

Patchworks are super!!!

jackiescrafts said...

Love your makes for the soon to be new arrivals especially the pattern for the red cardi
Jackie x

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Very beautiful many compliments

Rachel said...

Your friends are keeping you very busy! I'm not a knitter, but I would expect a woollen yarn to recover after washing. If it is a blend or a synthetic, some do and some don't...

CraftafterCraft said...

As Rachel said, how your cardigan will react will completely depend on the yarn you used. It's probably not great news if you used acrylic. The yarn effectively melts when you directly apply an iron. If it's pure wool then you should be fine unless you used lots of steam, in which case you may have slightly felted the fibres. Otherwise give it a nice bath and lay it out flat to dry and it will boing right back up.