Saturday, 28 May 2016

Baby projects complete!

It's a rare occurrence for me, but I managed to finish off all four baby projects in accordance with Prince Albert's maxim: 'It's always best to complete a task well ahead of schedule.'  They were all done a couple of weeks ago (I needed to clear the decks of other projects before I could focus on the wedding pillow) and are ready to hand over to the prospective parents tomorrow. =)

Above, of course, is the finished up red baby cardy.  I used little star shaped buttons for novelty value as embroidery would have been overkill on this one.

Next I'm proud to present two baby cot/crib quilts, one in reds, neutrals and orientals for a mixed race (white/oriental) baby boy:

And one in pastels and florals for a white girl.  I asked the father-in-waiting which colours they'd like and he suggested blues and greens.  I didn't have very many of those (most of my fabrics seem to be reds, pinks and purples), so I added in a couple of florals and some lilacs as well.  I like both combos, but this one is my favourite.

My next sewing task is to make a new Bible cover for my husband whose old one was a disgrace - worn out and shabby well beyond being fit to be seen.  He liked the colours in the red quilt, so I fished out the little scraps left over from making that to put together for his cover, which will be the remaining part of his anniversary present this year (he had the rest a couple of  months ago).  I also need to make a card and found some cute cross stitch designs that shouldn't eat up too much time to make.  There's already another baby knit in progress and I'll show you how that's coming on next weekend.

Plenty coming up this summer as I haven't even started talking about the Show pieces yet!

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Rachel said...

Well done, you! I think I prefer the higher contrast of the red and black, but both are delightful.

Wendy said...

The cardi is so sweet. I didn't know you quilted - are they actually quilted as i can't see any?