Friday, 24 February 2017

Wedding Dress Modesty Panel - Beading and Embellishing

Part five today - the beads and jewel embellishments.

I'd never used pearl beads of this size before, or diamond-like sparklies either, so I wasn't really sure of myself here.

This first shot you might remember from the introductory post in this project series - it's from the dress proper and shows what sort of jewel trims it had, including the pearl beads in the small flowers and leaves.  Actually, I forgot to put them above the leaves in the end....  Just remembered that whilst writing this!

Here's the whole panel with the pearl beads added.

And a close up of my favourite section with just the beads on.

The dress proper had two different sizes of pearl beads, whereas I was working with just one, so I ended up adding more in later on to even things up a little in the central, large flower.

These are the sparklies I was given to work with from both top and bottom.  I'd never really seen anything like this before, especially not with a view to working with them.  As you can see, the back has an 'x' shaped finish and no visible attaching mechanism like beads have.  So, what I ended up doing was fastening the jewel to the embroidery by catching threads around the arms that hold the stone in the setting.  That worked very well

Finally for today we have a few shots of the final panel with the addition of the sparklies.  I loved these.  They ended up being realy quite easy to do and they just look great!  I was happy to add the leftovers to my stash. ☺  Wish I could think of something else to use them on now.  Couture 'commissions' aren't something I get every day, sadly!  Part of me rather likes the idea of working as an embroiderer in a big fashion house.

Here's the whole panel still in the hoop, just before being taken out and prepared for fitting.  More on that next time, on Monday.  Join me then! ☺♥

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2017


geeky Heather said...

That is sooo lovely!! If you work with those sparklies again, that X in the back is how you attach them. It's two channels that you can run your needle and thread through. Up through the fabric, needle through the channel on the back of the sparklie from, say, 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock, then back down through the fabric.

Rachel said...

Beautifully effective - the sparkles at just the right finishing touch!

Erica said...

Elizabeth, I have been following the modesty panel with interest. I think you have done an amazing job. Net is so hard to embroider on. The panel is looking exquisite. Congratulations on craeting a thing of such beauty.

D1-D2 said...

Those pearls are so lovely <3 Are they real or crystal?

Wendy said...

it is stunning, fabulous work