Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - 31 Oct 2012

Another Wednesday and here's the current state of play on my Works in Slow Progress. First of all, the sampler:

I've done a slight bit more than you can see here since the photo was taken, i.e. have put in the lazy daisy stitches on the rest of the upper left hand bit of the rose scroll.  You might notice that I decided to replace those erroneous blue stitches after all and I think it looks a lot better now.  The blue didn't make a good contrast, it just confused matters and it looks a lot more like roses now, instead of just clumps of dots!

I also got the stumpwork rabbit going again.  Here's the photo from the book I'm working from with all the threads I'm using as well.

I completed the shading of the head as you can see.  However, I'm not at all pleased with it and am seriously considering starting all over again with it.  I certainly do want to re-do the lower part of the head and the eye area as I've not used dark enough thread - I used the second darkest instead of the very darkest, but it needs to recede somewhat, being the furthest part away.  So, that's up to be re-done.

I haven't done anything on the peacock feather as yet as I haven't been out to get the 9" hoop, (which I'm assured can indeed be bought from Hobbycraft - there weren't any available when I was buying all my hoops a few years ago), but I hope to do that soon.  I'm not in the market for any fancy frame systems and I find wooden stretched frames much too heavy for me to hold and need too much umph to get set up.  So, I'll get the missing size of hoop.  I like hoops.  If they're good enough for the likes of Helen M Stevens, then they're good enough for me!=)

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margaret said...

you are certainly being very busy with your work in progress. Like you I like the wooden hoops, years ago I bought a lowry frame and stand, cannot remember when I last uesd it but I must admit when I used to stitch work samples for the local embroidery shop it was very useful on the very large ones that were difficult to hold.

Sparklyjools said...

Hoop hoop hurray! Frames scare me.

Rachel said...

Not having set a stitch in weeks, I'm very admiring and envious of your progress, even if you are intending to unpick some of it!

l'alternativa said...

I tuoi lavori sono ogni volta più belli sei straordinariamente brava.