Friday, 30 September 2005

Here's my other workbox:

This one started as an overflow, but as there are now just so many types of thread in my stash and so many skeins/balls of each, I decided to have this one as a secondary workbox instead! It's one of those Art-Bin craft cases where you get a series of tray-like boxes with lids and a bag with lots of pockets to put them in. Very handy indeed and lots of storage space. Hope I don't need to invest in too many more of them before much longer though. I have a craving for £50 of Piper's silks. Still, I also have £45 credit with Helen M Stevens, so maybe I should spend it on one of her (over-priced) thread packs?? Depends on how bad the cravings get!!

New cushion picture sometime tomorrow, all being well. It's coming along well and it is so nice to stitch something for pleasure again. The dog was just plain work and hard work at that. So, I need to work on other stuff too, or I'll go off stitching and, with all this stash, that would not be good!!

Thanks again for the DSL gift voucher, Petra! You can see some of my purchases in this picture as I got quite a lot of beads with it.=) Glad you liked the cushion colours. More tomorrow.

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