Saturday, 1 October 2005

Cushion's coming on really well!

Here's the cushion as it stood this lunchtime, (so about 8 hours ago):

There's already quite a bit more surface work on it. The flowers have been put into the corner squares and the line of flowers and leaves is done along the bottom and one of the flowers at the side. Should have all the surface work done in the next couple of days.=) I've decided not to do the outer border of cutwork as per the pattern 'cos it'll end up being too big and also my frame is a bit smaller than the design, so it'll be less fuss. Will be finished sooner too and, while I'm not exactly the 'if it's not done in half and hour, I'm not interested' type, I don't like things to go on t-o-o-o-o long. I have a few more things to do as well with two wedding coming up in the spring and so forth.

New update on Monday.


Tracey said...

It's beautiful Elisabeth! Oh and I am so jealous of your workboxes!! Hugs

Jersey Mom said...

WOW! This is going to be beautiful!
Where did you get it and was it a kit?