Saturday, 19 November 2005

I frog, you frog, she frogs, we frog, they frog.....

Or how about some compound tenses in the conjugation of the verb 'to frog'? I would have frogged, you will have frogged, she should have frogged, they had frogged.... Is the German imperfect tense ich frag?? Or ich frogte?? Ich habe gefrogt! J'ai frogé. Yo he frogado. Wo frog le. What's the tone on the Mandarin??
OK, getting a bit silly now.......

So, I realised that it was the fact that I'd put one of the white, kloster block diamonds in the wrong place that gaffed it. I moved one diamond one row over, then realised that I had moved the wrong one, that that one had been in the right place and that it was the other one that needed moving..... As the other motifs were lined up with that, they're needing to come out to. So, I frog, I have frogged and I will frog as I didn't finish ripping out all my lovely stitches before going to bed last night, but almost all of the work so far has to come out.=(


Jersey Mom said...

Your pillow is gorgeous, mistakes or no mistakes it's so stunning, I love seeing your work. I can't wait to get the use of my fingers back to stitching so I can perhaps get restarted on that Easing into Hardanger book!

Cathy said...

I'm sorry for laughing but your posting gave me the giggles! Not because you had to frog your needlework piece, but because of "I frog" "you frog" etc.!

Your work is beautiful, don't fret about it too much!