Thursday, 10 November 2005

Current WIP Status:

Did quite a bit of stitching on Tuesday evening and this is how far I got with the 2 things I'm doing at the mo. Hope to get some more done over the w/e, at least to finish the satin stitching on the cushion cover. It's not as nice to work as the last one, but that might also have something to do with not particularly liking the person I'm stitching it for.....!!!!!!! Still, I know that there are regular readers out there who like to see the progress, so just for you: (Thanks for the cheer-leading, by the way!=)

Nothing else remotely interesting to report, unless you count that lots of people I know are feeling like they're getting or have already got colds and that that makes me feel better as I have a swollen throat and tongue, a headache and feel very sleepy and wooly headed. Believe me, when recovering from almost 4 years with CFS/ME, these things make you panic!! I feel better it they're poorly too!!!!!!!!

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