Thursday, 23 February 2006

Progress Report!

The Helen M Stevens' 'Poppies and Mallow' design is coming along nicely. I hadn't touched it, (apart from to move it around the room a lot), since the last photo posted here on 29 Dec, but have managed to get quite a lot done within the last two evenings. About 4 hours work on the colourful stuff shown here:

Hoping to have it finished over the w/e. Should be about another 6 hours' work left there. I confess that this one is getting down so fast now as I need this hoop for the 'Welcome' piece and, well, if I took this piece out to get on with another, there's a danger this one would never get done!!!

I've now bought a nice piece of ivory silk to work the 'Welcome' on and am toying with the idea of not using silks to do the embroidery, or at least not Pipers' flat silks. Bit too much perhaps - a shiny silk background and a high gloss foreground. Also, I have a better selection of colours in my Madeira silks (less glossy) and Anchor cottons and can do the tiara lily in more lifelike colours. Haven't decided yet....

Haven't sewn up mum's bookmark yet either, but I will get on to that v soon. I can get things pressed ready for sewing up with the regular ironing today or tomorrow. Wow! Getting busy again! Shock!

Mylene, the hardanger cushion pattern came from Mary Hickmott's 'Flowers with Hardanger' booklet which is available from Sewandso or from her own New Stitches/Stitch Direct on-line shop. She does a kit form of it too, (i.e. a materials pack), but only direct from her company though.

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Von said...

Ooooo, can't wait to see this one all finished! Lovely!!