Sunday, 26 February 2006

Happy Sunday to one and all!

Well, I'm in a ridiculously good mood this morning! There are no dishes hanging around to be washed, my book-keeping work is all done, the flat is passably clean and a lovely day ahead, finishing nicely with a visit from a lovely friend.=) Who could ask for more??

Oodles of thanks for all the very flattering comments, esp. you Terri! Wow!

Here's the current status on the poppy and mallow piece in close-up of the part that's changed the most:

May possibly get a bit more done on it today, but there's only the two big leaves, (bo-oring!), to do after finishing off the mallow flowers. Then, the hoop is free for the 'Welcome' sign, which I still need to design properly......


Isabelle said...

Wow! Elisabeth, this is gorgeous! Poppies are my favourite flower ;)

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog :) You do such beautiful work! I'm happy that Sylvie told you about me - happy to make your acquaintance :)
Happy stitching then!

Terri said...

Love the flowers! You must use a laying tool to get each of the stitches to lay so perfectly. Very nice! Now that I have found you, I look forward to seeing your work.

Katrina said...

Hi Elizabeth, thank you for stopping by my blog, I found the link to yours while I was visting Von's blog. I took a peek at your webshots album just now, you have done some beautiful work :) nice to "meet" you, happy stitching from Katrina in New Zealand

Lili said...

Hi Elisabeth! Glad you stopped on my blog, so I could discover yours! I am overwhelmed with all the beautiful things to see here! I'll be back!
Take care!

Lili said...

PS: chère amie linguiste, je n'ai pas trouvé ton "automne", mais je me suis particulièrement régalée devant tes photos de paysages anglais! Tu as beaucoup de talent!
I guessed you would understand this, but just in case, and for the other readers (if they haven't seen them yet), here's the English translation:
Dear linguist friend, I haven't found your automne version, but I have seen your English landscape photos, and I think you are also very talented at photographing!