Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Here's the latest.....

...on the Poppies and Mallow:

Hope to finish it today.=)

Thanks for all the lovely comments.=) I've added some links to the blogs of regular visitors and commenters, so I can keep up with your work more easily too.

What's a laying tool, Terri?? Never heard of one! Should I be offended or flattered??? LOL!!!=)

Well, Lili, that shows that I am not a good linguist - it was your 'Automne' I was talking about! I haven't done one yet, but I have a Lizzie*Kate series of seasons waiting to be stitched up ..... along with another few dozen things!!! My French is really poor at the moment. I need to spend some time on it, but Chinese, German and Italian are higher up my list right now. Having said that, I have 3 French ladies visiting this blog and leaving kind remarks, so I should try harder with my French, shouldn't I??


Lili said...

No need to worry: I know that at least two of the French Ladies (Isabelle and I), are more than happy to practice their English!!!
I've heard about laying tools but I don't have any idea what this is... I think the US are much more developed than Europe when it comes to stitching... And that the UK are waaaayyyy more developed than France yet...
Your poppy embroidery is absolutely gorgeous!
Lots of hugs!

Isabelle said...

Elisabeth, I am honoured to be among your links! Merci ! Your embroidery is stunning :)
No idea what a laying tool is, either!

Lili, Sylvie is the other French lady... She is a very dear friend of mine, and has a French blog if you care to pay her a visit ;)

Hugs and happy stitching, Elisabeth! :)

Terri said...

The reason I mentioned a laying tool is that your satin stitches are so perfect. I used to do crewel embroidery in the 70's and it never came close to yours. To see what a laying tool is go to: http://www.serve.com/marbeth/laying_tool.html

Your latest photo is so goregous! It looks 3d. Love it. I know Sylvie too, we are doing an Easter Ornament SAL (stitch-along)

Terri said...


Dawn said...

Wow!! That is really beautiful! Great job.

Barbara said...

Elisabeth, thanks so much for your supportive comment after our burglary. I FINALLY have a replacement computer and I'm trying to catch up. (It's an enjoyable endeavor!)

Your poppies & mallow is gorgeous, but I think all your projects are!

Mylene said...

Hi Elisabeth, your poppies is looking great. Can't wait to see the finish piece.
Best wishes.