Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Ugh, Wednesday!

That means work day, but thankfully a 'normal' (rather than long) day today. OK, OK, I know I only work 3 hours a week, but it cuts into my stitching time!!!!!!!

Didn't get the leaves finished last night, but I did get something done and here's the progress:

Thanks for the explanation of the laying tool, Terri! You know I was just teasing, don't you?=) Sounds like a good idea for something really special, but I think it would make the process of stitching quite a lot longer than normal, esp. whilst getting used to using it. This is the beauty of photography though - it doesn't show all the imperfections!!! My stitches lay OK, but sometimes the 2 strands get a bit twisted and it shows, if you want to look that closely anyway.

I got fed up of working on the leaves and decided to take a bit of refuge in cross stitch just before bed, so worked on a little more of the Orange Blossom needlecase. Just one more colour, (couple of dozen X's), and the cross stitching is done on this one and it's on to the copious BS! Here's the story so far:

Oh, Lili, I forgot to mention something. Thanks for the compliments on the photos of England etc on my Webshots. They were taken by my husband though, not me.=) Must make sure I put that on my album. I can't take the credit for his work!!!LOL!!!

So, hope to have the poppies and the needlecase stitching done as well as the Welcome sign designed by the end of this week. Might even get something sewn up too, but I'm not counting on that!!!!!! Anyone else not good at getting on with finishing off??


Chiara said...

Hi Elisabeth!!! i see your album ii like your works very much!!!cheers

Barbara said...

I'm not so good at finishing off, but I'm working at it! :-)

Isabelle said...

Elizabeth, you are literally painting with threads here! Your stitches are amazing.

I love sewing, so you can always send your projects over to me for finishing! Not sure I'd send them back though - your projects are all so beautiful I might be too tempted to keep them for myself! :D

Merci pour tes gentils commentaires, Elisabeth :)

Dawn said...

The leaves look great! I could look all day and still not see a mistake. :D

Lili said...

This is an amazing piece, Elisabeth! I love seeing it "developing"! All right, so tell your DH we want more gorgeous photographs as well! That will give you a fine reason to go for a walk en amoureux!