Friday, 28 April 2006

First of the Hardanger Bookmarks Backed

Here's the first of the three hardanger bookmarks complete with the backing felt. It's the right way around this time (!!!) and you can see a nice bit of pink through the cutwork. So, the back is now secure from accident and picking fingers, (you know how some can't resist....)!! The other two are yet to be done, but I might get the purple one done this evening. I hope so, so that they can both go to their new owners on Sunday afternoon.=) Oh, got a 'phone call from one of the recipients of the card below and she was thrilled with it and said she was going to keep it forever! Isn't it lovely when you get such enthusiastic feedback from your handmade gifts!?=)

Got a nice package of stitching goodies from New Stitches' Stitch Direct this morning. A back issue of NS plus a materials pack for 2 hardanger cards, a pack of bell-pull ends, a pattern for another hardanger hanging and a stitcher's notebook, which looks interesting! I'll enjoy filling that in.

Finally managed to work out how to get proper titles here on Blogger, but sad to say, you can't have them in any other colour than grey.=( Shame about that, but maybe they'll improve on that at some point. I like to have my title and text co-ordinating!!!


Isabelle said...

Hi Elisabeth! That's is another lovely gift you finished :) Love the pink fabric showing through!
Have a great weekend!

Lili said...

This is a wonderful precious bookmark!
Thank you for your advice with the ring cushion, it will be very helpful, Elisabeth!
Yes, it is great to have a hand-made gift so well received! I have sent a few stitched cards to my grandma in the last months, and I have found out that she had framed each of them! I am very touched actually!
I am equally frustrated with the title colour on blogger! Same concern... lol! Aren't we -stitchers- difficult "customers"? No, we are maniac, that's why!
Bon week end, Elisabeth, et encore merci pour tes conseils!

Nicki said...

It looks beautiful Elisabeth! It must say though, it looked almost as lovely from the back! :)

Susimac said...

This one has got to be my favourite of the 3 tho' all 3 are beautiful.