Friday, 13 October 2006

Not a frog, but a bird this time....

Here's the progress on my bluetit so far. I have loads of bluetit designs, kits and so forth in both XS and freestyle and have been wondering what to do with them all. Today the idea came to me - make them into a quilt/throw to put around me when it's cool in the evenings and I don't want to put the heating on with electicity prices being stratospheric these days..... I'll put plain panels in between the stitched ones and fill it with some lightweight batting. Sounds good!

I've been having a very slobby day stitching today, but I think I'd better get on with something productive now. Sigh, how dull!!!

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Von said...

Elisabeth, the bluetit looks wonderful on the blue fabric! Can't wait to see your project progress. Taking care of one's sanity is of utmost importance. :D