Friday, 29 December 2006

Bedroom in progress

Here's what it looked like before work started for the day:

<- This is the 'usual' view of the corner with my wardrobes - here seen primed and undercoated. It's yet to be glossed and yesterday we bought new door handles to make it look a little nicer than before. We also got the wallpaper, a self-coloured off-white stripe. I just wanted something simple and neutral so that we can go to town with bedding colours and jazz up the walls with pictures, i.e. the chaffinches one I did over the summer.=)

This is what the room looks like from the door. It's so dark today that we have to have lights on all the time! Anyone would think it was within the Arctic Circle the amount of light we're getting right now!=(

As I type, Sir is sanding down woodwork in the hallway, Hongda is pasting lining paper and Tim is hanging said lining paper. Should get the bedroom glosswork done today as well. Another update will be posted tomorrow with how it looks at the start of the day, then another on Sunday with the bedroom essentially done. Huzzah!

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