Thursday, 28 December 2006

Working, working....

As I type, Sir is madly sanding down the kitchen door frame. He's using his time off over the holiday period to get on with the decorating and a friend has been kind enough to come and help too. Another one due tomorrow as well, so we plan to get the entire bedroom finished, the glosswork done in the hall, living room (only 2 things there left now), and perhaps even the bathroom completed as well as the bathroom prepared for re-painting and at least the ceiling done of that. Things are moving ahead apace!

As for me, I'm spending the rest of the day on my secular work and probably much of tomorrow as well, so I can get well caught up and then relax a bit more for the rest of the hols. I've been ill for the last week, which has lost me a lot of time and productive stuff.=( So, I'll have some photos to post over the w/e, mostly of progress around the flat, but maybe even something on my needlework too. I must get that 2nd picture done soon for the bedroom!

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