Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Works in progress

Well, images wasn't working yeterday for me, so these are one day out of date, but.....

(Weds) Greetings and many thanks to all those who sent congratulations to DH on his graduation!=) Today I've got 2 WIP photos of very different kinds. The first is the blue tit cross stitch as I just haven't got back into the dog again yet.

The other is the current state of my side of the bedroom. We're hoping to get a lot of glosswork done over the holiday season, but I'm not holding my breath, you know!!!LOL!

Thursday am: I've now done a few leaves and the light brownish bits to the left of the bird as well. Hope to complete the XS today as I'm stuck home not feeling well, bit as I was planning on having a Stitch-a-thon today anyway, no probs!!!

I have also created a 'Sale or Trade' album on my Webshots, (link on the left, or click the here at the top of the blog), so have a look and see if you can use anything that's there. Most of things I've already done, so you can see the finished look in more detail in the relevant albums there.


Allison said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I saw your post on the CQEmbellishers list so came over to say hello...
You sure do beautiful work...when it comes time for you to embark on crazy quilting, you will just dive right in with no problem!
Your problem just might be ever being able to stop....ask me how I know!
Happy Stitching,

Barb said...

Your WIP is looking great. It's going to be beautiful when done.

junesctung said...

Hi Elisabeth,

Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2007 Year!