Sunday, 28 January 2007

A Show and an SS Parcel!=)

Plenty of stash added to the collection yesterday, but only one thing that, had I not made an exemption of stitching show buys (or what's the point in going?), would have broken the challenge rules!!!

Firstly, yesterday morning I got my first Secret Sister package. It's the one for February, but was nice and early. Makes a real change as I frequently got mine late when I used to do these exchanges a few years ago. Here's what I got:

5 skeins of GAST, 5 of Anchor Marlitt, 1 of NN's #5 pearl cotton, 2 of Caron Waterlilies Silk, 3 boxes of Mill Hill Beads, 2 of Treasures, a ball each of DMC #8 and #12 pearl cotton and some hardanger bookmark patterns. The Waterlilies, DMC pearls, beads and treasures are all for a challenge item I plan to do for my mum and the others are from my wishlist. All except the pattern that is and that makes me suspect the identity of my SS.....!!!!=) It was a lovely package and, apart from the fact that I'd put a pack of beads on my list that I already had (my own silly fault), everything was just great! I want more Marlitt now I've started a collection..... Eeek!

Most of what I bought at the show was for private exchanges with Petra and for the lady whose Secret Sister I am, so I can't put a photo here for fear of spoiling the surprise for them. These are what I got for me: A metre of white hardanger band which I hope will do for the challenge item where I said I needed linen band - I just need to double check the stitch count, and 7 things of organza ribbon. Most of them have 2 different shades and 2 thicknesses on so for only 75p each, they were a total bargain! The company who sold them want to see photos of anything I stitch with them as they're were interested in them being for ribbon embroidery. I might even get my work featured on their site one day!!!=)
The only downer yesterday was that I had about £60 at the show, came back with about £10 and only have goods enough for £35, including the sandwich I bought and my share of the parking costs. It seems that I got change for £5 at one stand instead of £20 or something like that and didn't notice as I was rushing to keep up with my friends and talking to the lady on the stall! So, in effect, I've paid for the SS parcel!=( I think I know which stall it was and I will e-mail them and ask that, if they are £15 up on what they should be, could I please have my change??


Isabelle said...

Glorious stash, Elisabeth ! I hope you get that money back... How frustrating :(

Barbara said...

What wonderful stash, Elisabeth! And I love how your blue tit came out! :)

Von said...

Maybe I need to buy lots of new lovelies for my stash to drive away the blues. :) Thanks for your supportive comments!

It's distressing to be shorted on your change. Let us know how it comes out if you're able to talk with them.