Monday, 29 January 2007

Started Stitching Something...

Started last night on a bookmark for a friend who's off to a special training school for 2 weeks next weekend. It was on my list for this year to do for him, but now seems like a good time. <-This is a(n awful) photo of the kit that I pinched from the Textile Heritage site and I'll put a WIP later in the week. I hope to have it done PDQ though! I've done all the red border stitching already as well as the bits of turquoise that are next to it.

Just e-mailed the company at whose stand I think I lost the £15. I hope it was that and that they found themselves about that much over when they cashed up. Then I expect they'll give me the money OK. I don't mind it I have to spend it with them as I like the look of plenty on their site. Of course, it's awfully hard to sort this kind of thing as there's no reason why they should believe me! Anyone could try this kind of thing and not be telling the truth. I am honest, but they don't know that! On the other hand, the lady who served me might even have noticed too late and felt rotten all weekend, so we'll see. Will update as and when I can on that one.=)

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