Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Money gone!

Well, I did e-mail Black Sheep as I said the other day, but they say 'they have no record of their money being up from the show'. As it didn't look like they were actually keeping proper records there, (i.e. comparing stock shifted to cash received) I would say that they wouldn't even know if they were up or down, and clearly don't give a rat's behind anyway! I'm totally mad and disgusted with that kind of attitude! Yes, of course, I'm angry with myself too for not paying closer attention when I was getting my change (or not, as the case appeared to be!), but I do think that they could have been a lot more like Pearsalls' Silks who, as soon as I e-mailed them about the missing threads in their kit, sent full skeins to me by return post, never mind just the lengths needed for the kit! Clearly, customer relations are more important to some companies than others, but I know one who has lost my custom! Their mail said that they hoped it would not deter me from shopping with them again, but I lost no time in telling them that it certainly would! Pearsalls' I'd recommend to anyone, but Black Sheep can discount and offer free postage until they're blue in the face, but I won't even look at their stand next time!


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