Saturday, 17 February 2007

Bead-a-long with me!!

Beads now total 312. That's 39.5%!!! Hope to make it over 50% today and I may get a good start on it as I can't sleep and may as well do some more now. It's 1am. I'm just so wound up these days that sleep has legged it and won't talk to me.=(

Got a DSL Gift Certificate for $25 the other day, so I've just ordered 15 skeins of GAST to re-update my collection with all the new shades that have appeared.

Send me sleep! I'll pay!


Von said...

Sorry that you're not sleeping well, Elisabeth! Are you getting enough exercise and a bit of fresh air?

Shell said...

good luck with the beading.It is going to look so pretty when finished.
Lack of sleep is such a pain and the more you think about it the harder it is to get to sleep.Hope you sort it out.

Deanne J said...

Wow!!!! It's so beautiful.

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