Friday, 16 February 2007

Started Beading

Gosh! Thanks for all the lovely comments that you've made! One even came in whilst I was preparing the WIP photo for today's posting, 'Just a mo, I'm about to update....' LOL!!

So, I've started on the beading. There are 788 altogether and I've done 108 of them. It took just about 90 minutes, so that's 13.7% done at an average speed of about 1.2 beads per minute. Should take 11 hours in total, 9½ to go!!!! Bead-o-math!!!!LOL=) Here's a close-up of the mostly beaded corner:


bunnyhead said...

That is truly an heirloom you're creating! It is just so beautiful.

Tannia said...

That's beautiful - which design is it? (sorry haven't looked further back in your blog!)

You're doing a fabulous job adn I can't wait to see it done!