Monday, 12 February 2007

History of a Hardanger Cushion Cover!!

The Hardanger cushion cover is very much back in progress, despite the eternal dog not yet being finished. He'll have to wait a little longer as some pressing things are coming up! Anyway, I started this piece in November '05 and was making it as a wedding present for someone I know in Germany. I made a real mess of it though and ended up having to frog about 75% of the work I'd done that far. In sheer exasperation, I asked myself just why I was tying myself up in knots making a wedding gift for someone who I'd learned to no longer like very much and who probably wouldn't walk across a room to say 'Hi' to me? So, once it was frogged to within an inch of its life, I put it on one side.

Later on I decided that I would make it for someone I do like instead and as she was courting at the time, I thought it would do very nicely as an engagement present. As she showed me her ring yesterday, I thought I'd better get on with it, quick smart!!!!! So, here's what's been added of late:

Not much as you can see since late September when I posted the last up-date, but I've been doing the green back-stitch stuff over the last couple of days. I've now given myself 2 weeks to get it completed and finished up into a cushion/pillow cover (pillows only go on beds in the UK, but I know there are US English speakers out there too......!!!!LOL!!). Given the 888 beads that await me smugly in their little packets, I wonder if I'll manage to meet the goal, but either way I'm going to jolly well try!


Myrna said...

Your cushion is very pretty.

Thelma said...

It is going to be so beautiful when you are done. Can't wait to see the finished project.

Isabelle said...

Wow! Isn't that gorgeous. What a wonderful gift for your friend.

Von said...

I'm glad you've picked up this pretty project again!